​​​            Onondaga County Volunteer Firemen's Association

​State of New York

A few things about our "Palladium."

  • 1st of all, what is it? It's a Memorial Statue shared by the OCVFA and the Onondaga County Sheriff's Office to honor it's people who suffered Line of Duty Deaths. (LODD). In English, since around 1600, the word palladium has been used figuratively to mean anything believed to provide protection or safety, and in particular in Christian contexts a sacred relic or icon believed to have a protective role in military contexts for a whole city, people or nation.
  • This replaced a granite stone monument that was built up at the new 911 center, between the Old Hillbrook detention home which served as our communications center, fire coordinators office and satellite office of the OCSO.  
  • Each year, OCVFA & OCSO hold a Memorial Service in May to honor any volunteer firefighters, auxiliary members or deputy sheriff's that have passed in the last year. If any were lost in the line of duty their names are added to the monument in an appropriate location. 

New Official Headquarters
OCVFA is extremely proud to announce that we have our FIRST Official home headquarters in recent memory. It is located at 1132 W.Genesee St, about 3 blocks east of Sacred Heart Church heading towards the city. It is the Annex Building to Mr. Don Herbs Syracuse Fire Museum and the Association offices and meeting room will be occupying the front of the building with the entrance on W. Genesee St. Parking is available on the front and side.

We are so excited to make this announcement and are tremendously proud. Once we physically occupy and set up, we will have an open house. Wait till you see the history Mr. Herb has accumulated inside and we will be surrounded by it.


​The Onondaga County Volunteer Firemen's Association was organized in July 1899 and is recognized as one of the oldest county firemen's associations in the United States.  A group of men from eight Central New York villages met to discuss and propose an association of firemen to further the cooperation between existing volunteer fire departments.  Skaneateles hosted the first OCVFA convention in 1899 where the by-laws were formulated.  At that time there were 23 departments in the county.  Presently there are 57.  We have functioned with a comprehensive mutual aid system since 1936.

Today's firefighter is trained in many complex emergency and medical services, treating accident victims, natural and man-made disasters, hazardous material incidents, rescuing people from burning buildings and working with multiple agencies and their personnel at the scene.

 Members from all the Onondaga County volunteer fire departments, as well as ambulance services and other public safety agencies are invited to attend our monthly meetings held on the 3rd Wednesday of most months.  Please check the meeting schedule for meeting dates and locations.